VisionPro Credit Card Processing


Automated Payment

Automatically charge your client's credit card based on VisionPro payment plan schedules.

Payment Transaction Notifications

VisionPro will also notify your clients of successful and declined transactions automatically.

Complete VisionPRO Integration

VisionPRO’s credit card processing is the only system that fully integrates into the VisionPRO system allowing you to fully leverage its power.

Secure Swiping/Keying

Eliminate double entry by Swiping or manually keying in credit card information directly into VisionPro. Credit Card information are tokenized and stored security to ensure compliance.

Setup is Fast

Get up and running quickly with step-by-step instructions.

More than $3,000,000 processed through VisionPro's Credit Card Processing

Agent Testimonials

VisionPro's Credit Card processing has enabled my office to work more efficiently. Before automated billing, our staff had to spend time contacting clients and accept payments over the phone. Today, we let the system do the heavy-lifting and only focus on problem accounts. Completely changed the way we do business.



El Paso, TX

VisionPro’s credit card processing is cheaper, easier and more effective than my other card processor. My clients’ card information is safe and secure. My company’s collection has improved dramatically since the switch!



Abbeville, SC


How much does it cost?

VisionPro’s integrated credit card processing costs 2.9% + 0.30 cents per transaction. There are zero monthly fees.

There are a multiple factors that go into a credit card merchant rate calculation and a number of different methods of calculating it. Much like PayPal, Square, and Intuit Payment, VisionPro is offering a fixed rate for an integrated solution. Integrated solution processing rates are typically higher than a stand-alone terminal, but include much more functionality. In the case of VisionPro’s solution, not only does it enable you to process credit cards, it also includes features like automated payment, automated notification, state compliant receipt generation, refund workflow, AR transparency, and much more.

Are my client’s credit card information stored securely?

Absolutely. VisionPro doesn’t store credit card information in the system, we encrypt and tokenize an identifier and store the card information at the merchant gateway ensuring best practices for security standards and PCI compliance.

How will I know who paid and who didn’t pay?

VisionPro will charge your clients credit card according to the terms of the payment plan. Declined transactions will be visible in the collections dashboard and an email notification will also be sent out to your office.

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